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Computation and Advanced Visualization Engineering (CAVE) lab.
Here is a T-160 camera by Vicon. We use these motion capture cameras for gaming, virtual reality and robotics research and projects.
Meet Eddie, a MARK-based robot.
9th Rock is a fun, puzzle-filled game developed by a team of our students. Spencer's animations were motion captured!!

Student Projects Spotlight

Ninth Rock is a fun, third-person game developed by a group of our students at the Digital Gaming and Simulation Program.
Please visit our Digital Gaming and Simulation page to learn more about our program.

Research Spotlight

Eddie, can you help me? These are the words that Eddie recognizes and responds to. Eddie is built on the MARK architecture. Please visit the research at research page to learn more.

About Our Programs

  1. Digital Gaming and Simulation
    UHV hosts one of the top programs in the country for Digital Gaming and Simulation.
    Learn more ...
  2. High School Robotics Program
    We have several programs for high school students who are interested in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.
    Learn more...
  3. Mathematics and Robotics Awareness
    In partnership with Alcoa and the Victoria College, we host an annual Mathematics and Robotics Awareness event for high school students.
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Site Updated
The AI website has been updated. We appreciate your patience while we bring all of the pages back online.
Grant Awarded
Our Immersive Virtual Reality for Tele-robotics proposal was awarded today!
New Semester Coming
Our new semester is around the corner. Welcome back students!
New AI
A new AI website will be deployed soon.